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Custom Suits – Made to Measure Tailored Suits

Go to the next level with our men’s custom suits. Whether you’re looking for a classic made-to-measure suit, our unique selection of tailored suits come in different patterns and colors for you to choose from. Make a lasting impression and show off your physique and sophisticated sense of style with our custom suits. Contact Rocky’s HK Fashions now and take your wardrobe to the next level.

Hong Kong-made, high quality bespoke or made to measure suits

When creating your high-quality bespoke or made to measure suits, we will start you off with a selection of swatch books from fabric mills in England and Italy – we are able to show you the finest of Italian cloths catering for the young or established professional. Rocky’s HK Fashions exemplifies the true traditions in garment tailoring, dedicated to creating all kinds of sublime bespoke outfits, with complete customer service satisfaction. When creating a bespoke suit, Rocky’s prefers to use Italian cloths, which are lighter in weight, easy for travel, and maintain their shape.

Made to Measure vs Bespoke

Bespoke Tailoring vs Made To Measure Ready-To-Wear or Made To Measure garments are made to a standard block that doesn’t accommodate for the uniqueness and nuances of individual form. With a bespoke suit, handcrafted just for you, you will notice the difference as soon as you put it on. Rocky’s HK Fashions is dedicated to bespoke tailoring. The made-to-measure services offered by other tailors use a standard-sized base pattern, which is altered to your frame. Some modifications may occur, but you will never truly enjoy that exclusive feeling of wearing a tailored suit.

The only suit you’ll ever need

A classic piece made modern

A custom-tailored suit is much like a piece of art. We create custom-tailored suits of supreme quality with your unique fit in mind using cutting-edge technology.

  • Your suit, your style

Creating custom-tailored suits that breathe your style has never been easier. Using our advanced design tool, you get to craft your suit from scratch with a perfect fit guaranteed.

  • Superior fabrics and quality

A custom-tailored suit is nothing without a great fabric. We offer a large selection of high-quality suit fabrics to cater to your every style need.

How it works:

  • Your Initial Consultation

Your experience begins with a conversation. We will take the time to understand your personality, needs and desires for the garment. Your answers will help guide us to informed choices, as you are introduced to our array of bespoke styles and fabrics. For every occasion and for every outfit there is an ideal cloth. Consultation can be virtual (via online video call) or face to face.

  • Measuring & Cutting


One of our master tailors will take up to 28 individual measurements to assess your posture to accentuate your best features. It is from these measurements your paper pattern will be drafted by hand.

The master tailor will also ask you questions about your personal style choices, your stance, and how you like your clothing to look and feel, and offer advice on what will suit you best. It’s a time to discuss details; perhaps consider the addition of a ticket pocket, or side adjusters on the waistband of your trousers. You’ll see the beauty in bespoke tailoring with every decision you make, in a garment designed just for you.

  • Your First Fitting 


The first time you see your garment, it will be quite unrecognizable. At your first fitting, you will see your garment at Baste stage. With canvasing exposed, this preliminary fitting is to inform us, more than it is to show a finished suit. We will take this opportunity to make subtle adjustments to the fit and hang. Before you next see your garment again, it will be completely deconstructed, at least once, and reassembled with alterations made, so that it is ready for your next fitting.

  • Your Second Fitting 


At your next fitting, the garment will be closer to what you might expect to see in the finished product. You’ll notice how the adjustments and nuances made at the first fitting have transformed the garment and you’ll already be able to tell the difference of a bespoke fit. Depending on the satisfaction of yourself and us there may be the need for more fittings but, generally, we are then able to take your outfit to the finishing stage.

  • Final Fit and Finished Garment


As many as 80 hours are dedicated to making your tailored suit. A culmination of these hours of handwork comes to fruition when you see your garment at the final fitting. The garment is now complete, pressed and with buttons added. you can expect to take it away on the final fitting.

  • Rocky’s HK Fashions Aftercare

Our bespoke tailoring services do not simply end at delivery. We will check in with you several weeks later to ensure you are completely satisfied. We can also provide further pressings and dry cleaning, as well as help with stain removal or further alterations. The quality and longevity of a bespoke suit relies on proper care, paramount to this is proper cleaning and pressing.

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