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Rocky’s HK Custom Made Pants

Rocky’s HK Fashions bespoke trousers are a masterful combination of style and durability. The saddle on the inside of the crotch will keep your pants tough, while ensuring that they look absolutely amazing. Reinforced buttons, belt loops, an anti-slip waistband for shirts, money pockets, and utilizing a metal YKK zipper are just some of the many features included. We leave no stone unturned to produce the very best bespoke pants money can buy. Crafted from 12 measurements and using only the best features, we guarantee that your pants will be the best pants owned yet.


Not only do we add the world’s best and most breathable Bemberg lining inside the trouser down to the knee, we even have a special way we stitch the back pockets of the trouser to ensure they don’t get holes near the edges of the pocket stitch, which is so common off the rack.


There is a rubber inner waistband tape we add to the inside of the trouser waistband to ensure once you tuck in your shirt, it doesn’t easily come untucked from your Pants.


All Rocky’s HK Fashions trouser hems are generous, as well as the extra seam allowance we add to all our trouser seams, to ensure we have enough fabric to adjust even if you put on or lose up to 10lbs, which is impossible to achieve off the rack or at most other tailors, because they skimp on the extra fabric allowance due to the cost associated.


In warmer and more humid climates like Hong Kong and Singapore, the weight of the trouser or pant fabric should be no more than 280 grams in weight.


In cooler, less humid climates the choice of fabric is much wider as we can go up to 390 grams. 


You can design whatever style Trouser or Pant you want at Rocky’s HK Fashions, whether they are double pleated with a cuff or a flat-front trouser, you have a choice of over 8,000 of the world’s best fabrics from the top mills in Italy, England and France.


We always recommend you purchase a second trouser with any suit, as this will double the longevity of the trouser or pants off the bat. Feel free to ask your consultant about our generous second trouser discount.

We look forward to making the best fitting and best looking Trousers or Pants you have ever owned.

How to choose your trouser silhouette

Sometimes the customization options can be a little daunting. Here is a thorough overview of the choices that you can make.


The most fundamental elements of trousers is how they sit, hang, and drape. Creating the right silhouette and lines for the wearer depends on the wearer, their style and fabric choices. Understanding these factors can help you choose the right cut, which can make or break an outfit.


Timeless, classic. The straight cut trouser can work for anybody and the ease in the pant leg makes them very comfortable. Perfect choice for highlighting sharp pleats and quality fabric.



Trusty, reliable. The tapered/slim trouser works well for emphasizing upper body proportions whilst still keeping a moderately traditional silhouette. Can work with pleats and lend itself to a variety of styles.


Modern, flatters athletic builds. The fitted trouser is ideal for greatly emphasizing athletic builds. Great for flat-front and darted trousers, often accompanied by stretch fabrics for comfort.

Here at Rocky’s HK Fashions, we pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship and professional service. Our services span from the creation of new custom garments, through to altering existing garments and reviving them through mending and tailoring. 


Located in the heart of the Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui, we would like to be your first stop for quality suits and alterations for menswear. All our garments are cut, manufactured and fitted in-house from beginning to end. This means everything is locally made, made in Hong Kong and ethically sourced. 

You’re even welcome to visit our workshop, located directly above the showroom, and to personally meet the team behind your clothing!

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