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Premium quality, fully customised shirts, that fit perfectly.

Beautifully tailored by hand, using only the best fabrics. No matter your shape, size or fit preference, we’ll ensure you’ll be thrilled with your custom shirts.

The absolute best in handmade quality

Every shirt we make is designed to feel good, wear well, and last longer. Our tailors are experienced, our materials are incredible and our technology allows us to achieve a fit, perfect for your body.

Create your signature look

Our shirts are completely customised, constructed to your unique choice in style. Our team makes it simple to view, touch and feel the fabrics, and then complete it with your choice in details.

Most of our customers already know what shirt style they prefer, but struggle to find it consistently with traditional retail brands. As we’re bespoke, you’ll get exactly what you want.

In just 30 minutes, we’ll take your detailed measurements, feel hundreds of fabrics and have the chance to create a completely bespoke shirt with your style consultant.

How it works:

  • Consultation 

The first step is to book a consultation at a time convenient for you. Our team serves customers on a one-to-one basis where they guide you in selecting the perfect style for your garment. Consultation can be virtual (via online video call) or face to face.


  • Get Measured 

We  meet every customer to measure and fit them. While doing your measurements, we will also mark down details of your posture so that the shirt can fit like a glove. 


  • Choose Fabrics

 An exciting aspect of creating your new BESPOKE shirts is the luxury of choosing from an extensive collection of superb fabrics. We have a selection of over 1000  luxury Swizz and Italian fabrics to choose from. 

  • Design The Shirt

We will personally guide you through our discerning selection of design options. You can choose between 11 collars and 8 cuff shapes, various pocket designs, buttons, and monograms. This attention to detail guarantees that your shirt reflects your individual style and personality. 

  • Construct The Shirt

In 2-3 weeks, your beautiful shirt will be cut, hand sewn and finished to the highest standard in our Hong Kong workroom. Every shirt is hand checked then pressed and packed ready for delivery. 

  • Deliver Shirt 

Your new shirts will be hand delivered to your preferred address.

Luxury tailored shirts and made to measure shirts for professionals in Hong Kong or across the globe.

Luxury Tailored Shirts - Suited for you

  • As a leading tailor for luxury tailored shirts and made-to-measure shirts in Hong Kong, we are committed to being meticulous in detail, and we will always begin with a personal consultation. Either online, or face to face. 

    By understanding the type of person you are, and how your daily routine is performed, we will be able to deliver a uniquely tailored shirt. We will take your profession into account when designing your made to measure shirts in Hong Kong, to assess the best fabrics suited for you.

    Our mission is to strive to combine top quality customer service, and top-quality craftsmanship with prices that will not be matched anywhere else. Our machinists work with state-of-the art sewing machines with years of experience behind them. Rocky’s HK Fashions craftspeople are second to none in producing luxury tailored shirts for any need, whether it is for casual wear, business, or for a formal dress function.

Cuff & Collar

  • Many men use traditional pointed collared or button-down collared dress shirts as their wardrobe staple. It is understandable because in most cases, these are all you can find in your local department store. The problem is that these collar styles may not be the best choice for you. 


    Rocky’s HK Fashions can create the most intricate collar and cuff designed for any special occasion. We offer a full selection of collars and cuff designs to choose from, Buttoned Cuffs; or French Cuffs – our specialist services will always result in a world class product. Our team crafts with meticulous attention to detail to create the most luxury tailored shirts and made to measure shirts that Hong Kong can provide.

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