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Our versatile jackets are the best investment you’ll make for your wardrobe. Innovated to perfection with our decades of experience with an unparalleled level of craftsmanship that reflects in its design. Assembled with the most advanced materials and modern technology, our beautiful long-lasting garments will never let you down.


We make smart suit jackets, casual blazers and tailored sports jackets with styles not available off the rack. The jackets can be made as a constructed fit, or even unconstructed for a more natural fit.


Jackets have become more than just a piece of a suit. Sport coats and jackets are now worn more frequently in everyday life and they become a versatile garment that will give your outfits an extra touch of elegance. Combine it with different colored pants, with chinos, or even with jeans. You can wear your made-to-measure or custom-made jacket for any occasion and show your custom style.


For a special occasion, a men’s jacket is the perfect choice for a successful appearance. The jacket combined with high-quality fabric trousers or even jeans and a pair of loafers leaves nothing to be desired. Depending on the event, decide whether you wear a shirt or a t-shirt.


Originally sports jackets were worn as casual attire for hunting and other outdoor sports, hence the name, the Sport jacket has taken on status as the must-have fashion piece. 

But the sport jacket can take many forms in shape and fabric and can be worn as casual attire when mixed with non-matching jeans, shirts and jumpers.

Also able to be dressed up, the sport jacket serves as a multi-purpose and highly functional garment.

With over 8000 fabrics to choose from, Rocky’s HK Fashions can make your bespoke sports jacket as quick and stylish as you like, tailored to fit your body perfectly. Your sports jacket will be your signature piece, recognised by all who admire you.



Our coats are made using some of the finest fabrics in the world such as Merino wool, baby camel hair, and pure cashmere. We work with many luxury mills from England, France and Italy including Loro Piana, Dormeuil and Lanifico Cerruti.


  • – Expertly made-to-measure with perfect fit guarantee
  • – Custom designed with personal styling session
  • – Extensive range of fabrics & linings
  • – Optional Velvet or Suede collars, designed to flip up when it’s cold.

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